There are several ways you can help Relogicon:

With knowledge:

Most people are experienced in something. Many have been working in a certain field for years, while others have just finished their studies and are at the beginning of their careers. Some are successful, some are not. But one thing is certain: everyone has an idea of how the thing they do could be done better. That is what we are looking for. Tell us what you think is the ideal situation to develop your skills and work. We aim to create a society in which all things are done the best way possible - so everyone's input is important. Engineers, Architects, Biologists, Chemists, Truck Drivers, Teachers, Doctors, Waste Collectors, everyone - you know how to do something, and you know it could be done better.
Have you written a thesis you think could make a difference? Share it with us. Have you had an idea on how to do something that you think could help the world become a better place? Let's join forces and try to make it happen.

With your time:

If you don't have any ideas or projects, but still want to help, share your time with us. We need people to tell others about Relogicon, so take a few minutes every week to tell somebody about it. We need people with time to translate Relogicon, specially the Manifesto, to as many languages as possible. We need people with time to help maintain and improve the website. And most importantly, we need people with time to discuss the ideas that are present in the forum, so we can improve whatever may need improvement!

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