Relogicon aims to be a project of humanity. The final goal of this enterprise is to change our planet into the best possible version of itself. We do not aim at the impossible, for that would be foolish, but we will not stop until we have attained the best system in which to live. We are aware that it is possible for the whole world to be happy and healthy - it just takes a lot of work and time to get there. If we want this to happen, we need to start working towards it. Otherwise, it's possible it will never happen.

Our plan is to create several new countries, with different lifestyles, legislations and social norms. People will be able to migrate to the countries that are aligned to their own ideas - this will solve the currently insurmountable problem of disagreement between peoples within the same country. If a person disagrees with how the country is regulated, they can simply move to another country where they agree with the rules, avoiding the endless conflict of changing laws and rules every time a different party is elected to govern a country - as it "works" at the moment in most nations.

These countries will have no armies - this will end wars.

These countries will aim at being sustainable - this will end the ecological crisis we currently face.

This process will benefit all living people, as it will generate a boost in economical flow, produce new sustainable technologies, erradicate conflicts within nations and bring the end of war and famine.

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